[FPSPACE] Titov & the lack of god: another detail

Keith Gottschalk kgottschalk at uwc.ac.za
Sun Oct 10 16:00:11 EDT 2004


   another bit of memory, or psuedo-memory, came flashing into my mind. As I typed, many years ago, one member of FPSPACE corrected my assumption that it was in his book he said he saw no God in heaven.  The FPspacer emailed this forum that he was told by a woman researcher or journalist that Titov had made this remark at a Rotary dinner or meeting in Chicago.

   It was not in his speech. What happened at question time was that the atheist was pressed by a journalist that surely he sensed a divine presence up there, or that the majesty of the earth & heaven showed there was a creator. Titov then said that in all his orbits he saw no god.

   Please note. This email is typed from memory, & so must not be used to found the 7th variant of some urban legend. My email should be used by historians only to check the FPSPACE archive; only to check if in fact Titov did or did not address any Rotary meeting in Chicago around 1962. And if or if not press & radio journalists were present. This will not be the first time my memory has muddled fragments of events with others!

warm regards from your earth-bound Keith.

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