[FPSPACE] Soviet stamp of Luna 3 with lunar farside image

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DwayneDay wrote:

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>>one of the most interesting trivia of Luna 3 is that the film was taken 
>from a US "Genetrix" spy balloon
>I'm interested to know more about this.

I think that the main problem was that the Soviets were not able to 
produce "radiation hardened" film at the time, while Genetrix ballons 
probably used such film to avoid it being fogged by cosmic rays in the 
upper atmosphere.
As far as I know the only source for this story is an article which 
appeared in Novosti Kosmonavtiki and which is also available online 
Below is a (crude) translation by Babelfish

"The history of that used in the camera the "Yenisey" of the film of the 
type ASH with a width of 35 mm is sufficiently amusing. According to the 
evidence of the deputy chief designer of theme the "Yenisey" Of 
p.F.Bratslavtsa and of leading engineer along the onboard camera 
Yu.P.Lagutina, our industry by that time yet did not master the 
production of the film, which satisfied all requirements of order the 
"Yenisey". But rescued "Mr. the case". In the second-half of the 50th it 
is annual THE USA they became to use for reconnaissance purposes the 
balloons. The possibility of their application for the reconnaissance 
was based on the special features of the airstreams above our country - 
constant displacements of air masses from the West to the east. The 
spheres, supplied with special photographic equipment, were started from 
the military bases OF THE USA in the countries of West Europe and, 
carried by airstreams, appeared above THE USSR, photographing the 
territory of our country along the path of motion. Such is ball it was 
started much. They created threat to the flights of aircraft. Biased 
these ill-fated "balloons" there was also several. Certain quantity of 
film from these balloon- spies proved to be in the academy of the name 
Of a.F.Mozhayskogo, with which collaborated VNII television. After a 
study of the mentioned film it turned out that it from its parameters 
was suitable for the use in onboard equipment "Yenisey". Then was 
accepted, secretly from the high authorities, the solution to cut it 
into the required dimension, to perforate and to use for photographing 
of the hidden side of the moon. Hence becomes clear a somewhat 
mischievous designation of the type of film ASH - "American balloons"."

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