[FPSPACE] Soviet stamp of Luna 3 with lunar farside image

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Sun Oct 10 13:15:42 EDT 2004

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>one of the most interesting trivia of Luna 3 is that the film was taken 
from a US "Genetrix" spy balloon


I'm interested to know more about this.

On the one hand, it does not strike me as surprising that American film was superior to that available in the USSR at the time.  Eastman Kodak employed a phalanx of chemical wizards obsessed with film emulsions and materials.  They accomplished some amazing things.  And certainly a lot of Genetrix balloons fell on Russian territory.

However, I find it hard to believe that somebody had the prescience of mind to preserve unexposed film for other uses.  This would have required careful handling and transport in the field and then preservation at some facility, all for vague undefined future uses.  It seems much more likely that most of these captured vehicles were broken up or stuffed in a warehouse somewhere and the film ruined in the process.


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