[FPSPACE] Cooperation for Lunar and Martian flights

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> MOSCOW, OCTOBER 9, (RIA Novosti) - We must assemble an inter-planetary 
> manned spacecraft in orbit, subsequently using it to reach the Moon 
> and Mars. This was disclosed at international space congress in 
> Vancouver by Anatoly Perminov, director of the Russian Space Agency.

> At the same time, it goes without saying that leading space powers 
> must pool their efforts for the sake of conducting a manned 
> inter-planetary expedition, Perminov stressed. We are positive that 
> leading space powers must pool together their technological and 
> financial potentials in order totackle such projects as a manned 
> inter-planetary expedition; those expeditions can only be implemented 
> with the help of all-out international cooperation, he added.

Anybody notice the stunning silence about the Vision for Space Exploration in recent months?

I suspect that as long as the project is in budget limbo in Congress, and there is an election hanging in the air, NASA has decided not to publicize anything about it.  A journalist recently told me that NASA was supposed to announce some preliminary plans for the Crew Exploration Vehicle in October, but has now pushed the announcement date back to November 8, _after_ the election.  He wonders if this was deliberate.

To this we can add a deafening silence on the issue of international cooperation in the VSE.  The international partners all say they want clarity on this subject, and NASA responds with a polite non-answer.  My guess is that the general consensus (White House, NASA) is to lay low until certain things are decided, the budget, election, etc.  And my other guess is that the international partners know this as well.

I think that Russia's attitude is that they would be happy to work as contractors on the VSE, but they probably don't want to provide contributions that they have to pay for themselves.  You cannot really blame them.


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