[FPSPACE] Gagarin and God?

Keith Gottschalk kgottschalk at uwc.ac.za
Sat Oct 9 17:08:47 EDT 2004


  typing from memory, I tought that this was not Gagarin, but Gherman Titov. I has thought that this appeared in his book "x thousands kms around the Earth", which as a result as banned by the apartheid SA Govt. for two decades.

     But I also remember that many years ago, someone on this email group corrected me. He told us that it was in fact in a speech Titov gave in Chicago. It was a remark he made ex tempora in answer to a queston from a journalist.

   Please note that as my memory can telescope events, garble events, mix up events, this email should _not_ become the source of yet another internet urban legend! It should ONLY be used to cross-check other claims, or search the archives of this email discussion forum.

warm regards from the southern spring,


>>> DwayneDay <zirconic1 at earthlink.net> 10/09/04 21:51 PM >>>
Does anybody have a definitive source for the Gagarin quote that while in space he did not see god?

A friend is doing a paper on anthropology and the space age and has found six different versions of this.  He's looking for something firm.

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