[FPSPACE] If people spend $70,000 to climb Mount Everest...

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To paraphrase Tom Hanks in the film A League of Their Own, if it was easy then anybody could do it.  And then it wouldn't be a grand adventure (I added that last sentence).


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  I thougt that only little more than 1000 had summitted, in total -- but certainly, many more climb ON Everest every year without reaching the top (or even intending to). That's how astronaut Karl Henize died, as you recall. 

  And hundreds of people -- exact figure uncertain -- have died there, including Karl -- another potential analog to space tourism.

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    Why not spend a few more to fly into space - if you can afford it, of course.  And over one thousand people climb the tallest mountain on Earth every year now, when just over 50 years ago only 2 had done it.




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