[FPSPACE] Branson

Carlos Herranz herranzc at teleline.es
Wed Oct 6 04:06:52 EDT 2004

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De: Rex Hall

> I note that Branson intends to launch his rrockets
> from all over the world even Europe.

Now, that's interesting. Skipping over the technology transfer issue, what would be the
requirements for an airport (i.e., landing strip length) to support a SpaceShipOne type
mission? I note that the first development flights have taken place in the Mojave Desert,
where some of the longest airfields are available. But is this a prerequisite of the
system or just a safety measure? I can imagine local authorities trading with Branson's
company to attract his spaceships to their airports as an investment in tourism --I mean
Earthly tourism. People (we) will want to travel to see those aerospace-machines
taking-off, flying and landing in their own continent or country, whoever is taking the
ride inside.

Carlos Herranz

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