[FPSPACE] Informal SpaceShipOne poll

David Anderman davida at cwo.com
Tue Oct 5 19:06:19 EDT 2004

Nothing is for sure in this world, or in space, but assuming a reasonable 
test program for SS1 and its successor, and no other catastrophes, I would 
imagine that someone will be offering rides into space later this decade. 
The question has been asked as to who is going to buy those tickets, and it 
occurred to me that *I* have a fairly reasonable chance of being able to 
afford a ticket in the same time frame, so I have to ask myself would *I* 
go, assuming that the ticket price was affordable to me. In that case, I 
would look carefully at the testing program, and if it were sufficient, and 
the contract for ticket purchase were reasonable (ie reflight insurance in 
case the engine didn't light), I would probably go. I suspect that I would 
have wait in a long line for that ticket, however.


At 10:49 AM 10/5/2004, Palladium at aol.com wrote:
>5. Space tourism is...
>(a)...just around the corner.
>(b)...at least a decade away from becoming a viable enterprise.
>(c)...a pipe dream that will never amount to anything.

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