[FPSPACE] SpaceShipOne's 3rd flight

Brian Dunbar brian.dunbar at plexus.com
Tue Oct 5 14:33:22 EDT 2004

On Oct 5, 2004, at 10:52 AM, DwayneDay wrote:

> But this is still skirting the issue.  It is not a question of "is 
> there a market?" but is there sufficient market at this part of the 
> cost/demand curve?  Can you provide facts that support this claim?  
> After all, you said you wanted the "debate," but so far you have not 
> provided any facts to support your claim.  So is it really a "debate?"

It's possible that Branson does not intend 'Virgin Galactic'  to stand 
on it's own as a sustainable business, but rather to use the rest of 
the Virgin Group to sustain the business.  The goal (under this 
scenario) would be to keep it going until it becomes profitable or to 
serve as a PR and marketing vehicle.


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