[FPSPACE] Informal SpaceShipOne poll

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Tue Oct 5 13:49:11 EDT 2004

While we're on the subject of SpaceShipOne, space tourism, X prize and all, I thought I'd post a quick little poll of FPSpacers on the events of the past few weeks.

1. Burt Rutan is a...
(a) ...genius and visionary who will be viewed as pioneering a new era in space flight.
(b)...a quirky loaner whose contribution will be viewed as interesting but unimportant.
(c) ...egotistical jerk who got lucky with someone else's $25 mil.

2. The White Knight/SpaceShipOne system is...
(a)...the prototype for a revolutionary new generation of manned space vehicles.
(b)...a nifty toy but an evolutionary dead-end.
(c)...another one-hit wonder like Voyager.

3. Richard Branson will...
(a)...tap into a rich vein of wealthy thrillseekers and make a mint.
(b)...attract enough customers to sputter along for awhile before the whole project goes belly-up.
(c)...lose his shirt in a blizzard of lawsuits when an early suborbital flight goes disastrously awry.

4. SpaceShipOne's two passenger seats will...
(a) ...be filled by Rutan himself and another company engineer on an upcoming flight.
(b) ...be filled by Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson in a "Bimbos In Space" publicity stunt.
(c)...be filled by the winners of a reality TV series.
(d)...will remain unused when SS1 is retired to the NASM.

5. Space tourism is...
(a)...just around the corner.
(b)...at least a decade away from becoming a viable enterprise.
(c)...a pipe dream that will never amount to anything.

DS Michaels

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