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David Anderman davida at cwo.com
Tue Oct 5 13:38:53 EDT 2004

Well, we are obviously in the "wild enthusiasm" stage of this enterprise. 
The difficulties of exporting rocket technology from the USA cannot be 
understated, even to 'friendly' countries. It is not likely that this could 
be accomplished in the near term.


At 10:28 AM 10/5/2004, Rex Hall wrote:
>Good Evening
>I note that Branson intends to launch his rrockets from all over the world 
>even Europe. Is this the long awaited British space program? Usually we do 
>the development and someone else develops the commercial usage. This seems 
>the other way around. The Virgin Company he has put together is British. 
>Has he stolen a march on everyone? How many spaceships one craft can be 
>built at one time?  Has he an exclusive contract.  Branson might have his 
>moments but he is a shrewd businessman with a flair for good marketing 
>which usually means him dressing up. This project is right up there on his 
>previous adventures. He was intereted in a Soyuz flight but did not want 
>to waste the six months in his terms of training.
>He will be one of the first on a flight.
>Thoughts please.
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