[FPSPACE] SpaceShipOne's 3rd flight

Keith Gottschalk kgottschalk at uwc.ac.za
Tue Oct 5 12:39:27 EDT 2004

>Good point. Practice is the criterion of truth.
>> Keith:
>> If Branson's venture goes bankrupt, then there is no need for a debate, is 
>> there?
>> This is like debating the weather tomorrow. Better to just wait. > DWA

     Goodness me! Lots of FPSPACE discussion is excited debate about what will happen in future, or its probability, while we wait for it to happen.  Surely it is interesting to try to weigh up Branson's chanes of bringing Virgin Galactic scheduled flights to fruition or not?

  Surely it is interesting to debate whether his business rivals might succeed? Will it start off with monthly or weekly flights? Will it be two or ten passengers in the successor of SpaceShipOne?

    This ought to be rather easier than understanding the finer points of quantum theory :)
- Keith

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