[FPSPACE] Yang Liwei appears in Vancouver

Sven Grahn svengrahn at telia.com
Tue Oct 5 12:08:11 EDT 2004

Very impressive presentation accompanied his appearance. Lots of interesting detail, including live footage from helicopter of landing rockets firing at touchdown. Also a map of the recovery xone (got it on camera). Also animation og mantended space lab docking to SZ (missed that!). I think I heard the launch date 2007 for mantended lab.

I also seemed to hear that theCZ-2F is called "Shenjian".

Sorry for this messy report. It was a crowded session at 0800 local time and Ihad a hard time taking pictures, listenng and taking notes. A bice brochure in Chinese and Enlidh was handd out. Will read tonight and post any new stuff in it.

Yang Liwei got a long and warm applause from the audience.


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