[FPSPACE] SpaceShipOne's 3rd flight

Constantine Domashnev cdomashnev at acm.org
Tue Oct 5 08:57:10 EDT 2004

> One of the news programs said last night that Branson anticipates that his 
> space tourist vehicle will cost $100K per flight.  But I'm not sure if 
> Branson really said that, or if the reporter was misinterpreting a lot of 
> things.  It strikes me as if that price is too high for viable revenue 
> service.

The pricetag of 100K for such a ride is quite reasonable and affordable from 
the Client's perspective.

However, clearly, the SS1 ride is not for Mr. Joe Sixpack, who cannot even 
repay his credit card debt.

As far as the Enterprise' revenue goes it all depends on operating costs and 
the profit margin.


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