[FPSPACE] SpaceShipOne's 3rd flight

Keith Gottschalk kgottschalk at uwc.ac.za
Tue Oct 5 08:40:37 EDT 2004

>One of the news programs said last night that Branson anticipates that his space tourist 
>vehicle will cost $100K per flight.  But I'm not sure if Branson really said that, or if the 
>reporter was misinterpreting a lot of things.  It strikes me as if that price is too high for 
>viable revenue service. >DDAY

    The South African newspapers reported this as Branson saying 100 000 UK pounds sterling. The next day am email on this group referrred to this as US$200 000. Hence my email noting how prices had er, rocketed from the claims in earlier emails here as "$30 000 to $50 000" fourfold or sixfold - before one ticket has been sold. - Keith

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