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Cooper said on several occasions that he wasn't happy with some of the 
passages that appeared in "Leap of Faith". In 2000, he told me,  "I 
tried to convey the point that I certainly have an amount of skepticism 
myself. I am not 100% convinced that all of these reports are true. 
Certainly, I know that a lot of these sightings have either been made 
up or are figments of imagination, or weather balloons, or whatever. 
But there just have been too many of them that have been by very valid, 
solid citizens to just be totally skeptical of them. And I guess that's 
what I was trying to convey -- there has certainly got to be a little 
skepticism about all the stories you hear about because all of them are 
not true, I don't think, but I think some are certainly valid."

My impression was that his co-author/editor/publisher (or combination 
of the three) saw an opportunity to take Cooper's story and run with 
what they thought would sell books. In-person on many occasions, both 
private and public, he never displayed - at least to me - many of the 
qualities painted in "Leap".

Robert Pearlman, Editor
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On Oct 4, 2004, at 10:20 PM, joberg at houston.rr.com wrote:

> Cooper's honorable space career ended by 1969, and in later decades he 
> sank into looney-tune UFO conspiracy ravings in which he was the hero 
> and his former space colleagues were the evil ones. In his 
> autobiography, he described how he saved the space shuttle from a 
> fatal design flaw based on telepathic messages from space aliens. Like 
> so many heroes, he long outlived his heroism....
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>> NBC News reported that one of original Mercury Seven and also Gemini
>> astronaut Gordo Cooper died today. aged 77.
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