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I would not worry about "Swedish" prefix. It only contributes to the confusion. 

After all, Swedes celebrate Mid-Summer on June 22 or so, when, technically, it is just a beginning of Summer. 

Moreover, that famous Groundhog Day' celebration in Punxsutawney, PA, is celebrated on February 2, which *is* technically Mid-Winter. And the whole GD thing was supposedly started in PA, USA,  by Swedish immigrants. Hence, the Swedes always knew that February 2 is the Mid-Winter and kept celebrating June 22 as the Swedish Mid-Summer.

However, I bet, the confusion has started with the adoption of that notorious Metric system in Daylight Saving Time management.

I hope that that clarifies.
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Yes, we indeed call it "Swedish Summer Time"

SvenAll over Europe (Continental, that is) it's called "Summer Time" and the hmm...other is called "Winter Time"


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