[FPSPACE] Summertime

Heinz Janssen HHJanssenWTM at t-online.de
Mon Oct 4 15:03:00 EDT 2004

"DwayneDay" <zirconic1 at earthlink.net> schrieb:
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> From: Sven Grahn <svengrahn at telia.com>
> >I am now in Vancouver where it is 0711 PST, while it is 1611 Swedish summer time (says my cell phone). Swedish summer time is 
> Is that what you call it in Sweden, "summer time"?  If so, what a wonderful name.  I can never remember "Daylight Savings Time" or whatever it is.  Makes no sense to me.  I think it's a communist plot, along with flouridation of the water and the Boston Red Socks.  I'm going to start a petition drive to adopt the term "summer time."

Sometimes you are *so* arrogant - wonderful.  :-)

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