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 From Novosti: 47th anniversary of sputnik of course and also the third 
anniversary of the Russian Space Forces. Interesting

> http://en.rian.ru/rian/index.cfm?prd_id=160&msg_id=4929949&startrow=21&date=2004-10-04&do_alert=0

> MOSCOW, October 4 (RIA Novosti) - Monday is the 47th anniversary of 
> the launch of the first satellite to orbit Earth, SP-1 (Sputnik 1). 
> The Russian Academy of Cosmonautics said that in 1967, October 4, 1957 
> - the launch date - was named the beginning of the space age.
> Sputnik 1 was put into orbit by a R-7 carrier rocket that was launched 
> from Soviet Union's Defense Ministry's 5th research testing ground 
> (later named Baikonur).
> Sputnik 1 was a 58cm-diameter sphere that weighed 83.6kg. The 
> satellite was equipped with four 2.4-2.9m antennas that transmitted 
> radio signals from the battery-powered transmitters on the satellite.
> The satellite and the 7.5 metric ton central unit of the rocket 
> reached an elliptical orbit (the apogee was 947km and the perigee was 
> 288km) 295 seconds after the launch. The satellite separated from the 
> second stage of the rocket 315 seconds after the launch and the world 
> heard the satellite.
> The satellite orbited Earth for 92 days, until January 4, 1958. It 
> completed 1,440 orbits of the Earth and its radio transmitters worked 
> for two weeks. The United States repeated the Soviet Union's success 
> on February 1, 1958. On its second attempt the US launched the 
> Explorer 1 satellite, which weighed ten time less than Sputnik.
> Monday is the third anniversary of the Space Forces of the Russian 
> Federation. An official spokesman for the Space Forces told RIA 
> Novosti that in three years, the Space Forces had launched 16 rockets 
> and put 24 different spacecraft into orbit. The Space Forces has also 
> launched five ICBMs for the Strategic Rocket Forces.
> The Space Forces comprises contains formations and units that launch 
> and control spacecraft, rocket and space defense formations and units 
> and military education institutions.
> The Space Forcers operates the Plesetsk space center (northern 
> Russia), the Baikonur space center (Kazakhstan), the Svobodny space 
> center (Russian Far East), which includes the Main Center forTesting 
> and Application of Space Assets, the Titov Main Center for Testing and 
> Application of Space Assets, a rocket space defense formation, the 
> Mozhaisky Military Space Academy (St. Petersburg), the Pushkin 
> Military Institute of Radio Electronics (Pushkin, Leningrad region), 
> the Moscow Military Institute of Radio Electronics (Kubinka, Moscow 
> region) and the Peter the Great Military Space Cadet Corps (St. 
> Petersburg).


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