[FPSPACE] Re: SS1 to go for X-Prize Monday morning

Robert G Kennedy III robot at ultimax.com
Mon Oct 4 09:15:39 EDT 2004

At 11:11 PM -0400 10/3/4, DwayneDay wrote:
>Takeoff expected at 1400 GMT (11AM East Coast time, 8AM West Coast),
>with ignition an hour later.

One of these must be wrong - Greenwich time is 4 or 5 hours before Eastern
time, depending on whether daylight savings is in effect or not. My
colleagues out west inform me:
>Lift-off is set for 6:30am-ish, ignition for 7:30, and landing at 8:00am
(Pacific time)

The FAA (?) serial number painted on the side of SpaceShipOne is "N328KF".
A colleague just now figured out why Rutan requested (presumably) those
particular characters.
1 meter = 3.28084 feet.
Therefore, 328 "kilofeet" (KF) = 100 kilometers, to 3 significant places.
I see how he requested this serial number back in March.
Gutsy *and* obscure, perfect for geeks.

Btw, happy Sputnik Day, everyone.

Robert Kennedy, PE

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