[FPSPACE] China at the IAF Congress

DwayneDay zirconic1 at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 3 11:34:06 EDT 2004

In fall 2002 China was set to make a more public appearance at the World Space Congress in Houston.  They had a number of speakers, including one on the Shenzhou heat shield and another on an SZ experiment.  Unfortunately, the US State Department did not get them their visas, and a majority of the Chinese space papers were not presented.

I looked through the list of papers for the IAF Congress in Vancouver (officially starting Monday) and noticed that a number of the papers that had to cancel back in 2002 are back now, including the two I mentioned.  However, it does not seem to me like there is much else that is new or revealing about the Chinese space program.  I assumed that they would have used an event like this as an opportunity to brag about their new human spaceflight program.  Of course, they might have more material at their pavilion, but that remains to be seen.  (In 2002 their pavilion had remarkably little information.)


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