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Fri Oct 1 18:22:40 EDT 2004

WOW!  That SS1 video can only be described as bitchin'!

Particularly the point where the vehicle starts rolling, and we cut to the inside of the cabin to see that shaft of sunlight spinning wildly around the pilot. So much for a "victory roll"!

You can see Mellville furiously working the joystick, apparently trying to counteract the roll, but having no luck at all. Maybe the gold-gas RCS jets just aren't strong enough to have any effect on maneuvers that violent?

The shot from the rear of the fuselage, looking back, seems to show the rocket engine spewing out a somewhat lopsided plume-- the "asymetrical thrust" noted by DDAY? Could this be what induced the roll sequence?

It seems like the ship was still rolling pretty fast when the tail was being deployed to "shuttlecock" mode, which seemed to dampen out the motion.

For all the engineering types out there, exactly what kind of stresses do you think the vehicle and pilot are experiencing during the roll sequence?  I would assume the actual aerodynamic forces are pretty negligible at this point, as there is so little atmosphere, but maybe I'm wrong. In any event, it's probably fortunate that SS1 has such a stubby set of wings.

Anyway, looking at this, I think I'll hold off on that Virgin Galactic ticket for the time being...

DS Michaels

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