[FPSPACE] Re: Progress M1-11

Chris Jones clj@panix.com
Thu, 29 Jan 2004 15:33:49 -0500


> I do not believe 'erroneously' is the right word.  In the ISS program it is
> indeed flight 13P.  That might confuse people but not neccessarily wrong.

Maybe it's not the right word, but it's not wrong (IMO).  Believe it or not,
Phil, I'm with you (always have been) on this one; I find it rude, somewhat
clogged with hubris, and downright silly for NASA to presume that they
should retag Russian supply ships, and I don't buy any of this "it's the
mission, not the spacecraft" swoggle they try to get away with.  Saying
"ISS Flight 13P is being flown by the Progress M1-11 spacecraft" is
correct, if a little hard to say in one breath, but calling the same thing
by an incorrect shorthand or using the name name for two distinct things,
which is what NASA is doing by saying "Progress 13" is nuts.

So, what's a better term?  Stupid word?  Nope, words aren't stupid.
Obfuscatory word?  Hmm, too, you know...   The more I think about it, the 
more I go with "erroneous", but they're welcome to any of my other 
suggestions too.