[FPSPACE] A web article about the Soyuz-6/7/8 mission

Chris Jones clj@panix.com
Sat, 24 Jan 2004 13:02:13 -0500

Sven Grahn wrote:

> I am trying to finish my articles about all the early Soyuz flights. Now 
> the turn has come to the "troika" flight of 1969. Nothing earth-shaking 
> about this article, just some tidbits from my files superimposed on 
> other historical accounts.

As always, great stuff, thanks for sharing.  I have one question (right
now).  You write:

   The prime crew assignments and choice of radio call signs (actually a
   way of giving the crews the designations A, B and C) were as shown in
   the table on right.

and the table shows the call signs Antey, Buran, Granit.

But isn't Granit out of place, and some invisible word beginning with V
is missing?  I love different alphabets, but they keep confusing me.
For years I thought it made perfect sense that Blok-D was the 4th stage
of a Proton launcher since D is the 4th letter of the alphabet (that I
learned first).  One day dawn broke and I realized D is the 5th letter
of the alphabet of the Blok-D's country of origin and that name was left
over from the N-1.