[FPSPACE] Re: Lunar base ?= ISS (Plus Other Comments)

Jens Kieffer-Olsen dstdba@post4.tele.dk
Mon, 19 Jan 2004 07:35:10 +0100

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> >From: Simon Mansfield <simon@spacedaily.com>
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> >Space is not a place. The whole point of space as a medium - 
> >for man - is to travel through it to a place.
> >
> >We don't travel the oceans for the sake of traveling the 
> >oceans we went "seafaring" to go to a place.
> >
> >The same is true for spacefaring. the idea that we go in 
> >circles in space rather than go through it to an actual
> >other place leaves me astounded at the nihilistic manned
> >space program we have fostered on ourselves.
> >
> >Obviously there all sorts of valid exceptions to the above 
> >but the basic concept of getting through space to another
> >place has got to be the only point of sending a man into
> >space.
> >
> >regards,
> >Simon
> Well said Simon!
> One valuable lunar installation would be a radio observatory 
> on the far side.  A luna-sized rock would probably do a good
> job of blocking most of the EMI emanating from this planet.

 I agree with Simon too. A large-scale colony on the Moon is
 the first choice of 'place to go' in order to justify the cost
 of maintaining a LEO space station such as ISS long-term.

 The Bush 2004 initiative will be a winner, if and only if the
 Moon base plans are carried out as outlined - or grander. What
 is needed is a realization that a firm commitment from both
 parties is mandatory. Someone like in the sixties Senator Kerr
 must stand up and demand from Congress the money that it takes.
 Whether or not it exceeds 1% of the federal budget at some point
 in time.

 Going 90% of the way to the Moon is still not a good idea!

 And let's not forget that the plan also hinges on the rest of
 the world underpinning the cost and effort of maintaining the
 ISS after 2010.

Jens Kieffer-Olsen
Slagelse, Denmark