[FPSPACE] Hubble will need the Russians

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Sat, 17 Jan 2004 17:03:58 EST

Gud'day Zeger,

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> >fraction of the cost of a shuttle reboost ($20 million dollar flight (plus 
>  >$5 million dollar rebuild for the Progress) versus a $500 million dollar 
>  >shuttle flight.)
>  Yes, Progress could boost Hubble's orbit (maybe) but what's the use of 
>  that if Hubble stopped working already due to unattended breakdows?
>  It could be used for deorbiting, I agree.

Absolutely, the system I've proposed, with it's $475 million dollar saving to 
the Amercian tax payer could also be used for a targeted de-orbit.  The key 
word being "targeted de-orbit" which means you are dumping HST where you want 
it to come down, not where natural decay will pluck it from the sky at random.

But if we can dock a modified Progress to the back of HST from an equatorial 
(or even the new Soyuz pads at Kourou which will be on line by then), I sure 
the Russians would be able to figure out how to put a down sized Streka (their 
man operated telescoping arm crane) on the orbital module of a Soyuz so that 
they could fly a small components repair mission.  BTW that is strickly 
hypothetical as I do Not have the mass figures for such an add on calculate just how 
much cargo can be added as you will now becarrying the weight of a descent 
cabin in the middle instead of extra fuel tanks that were in the mid section of 
the Progress that de-orbited Mir.

Food for thought.

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