[FPSPACE] elements/talking points of Bush's speech released....courtesy of Associated Press

Anatoly Zak agzak@optonline.net
Thu, 15 Jan 2004 19:40:26 -0500

Last Viking lander was shut down in 1982, I believe, i.e. six years after
landing, however it used RTG to operate.

I don't think there are any consumables onboard MER, therefore its lifespan
will be probably limited by the degradation of solar arrays, electronics
breakdowns and ... Money, I afraid. Remember, we prepare to send people on
Mars :)

Anatoly Zak


On 1/15/04 7:15 PM, "Charles Donaldson" <cwdonald@ix.netcom.com> wrote:

> Aviation week stated that Spirit may be able to go further than the 90 days
> of operation.
>   What is the limiting factors for Spirit's operation.  It's on Solar
> Power.
>   Will it go into a dark period on Mars that exceeds battery power charge?
>   Are there residuals, tank pressures, fluids, that will run out in 90
> days?
>   How long did the Viking landers last?
>   cwdonald
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