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Wed, 14 Jan 2004 20:33:53 EST

Gud'day Charles,

Most interesting comments you have there, one I disagree with, the other I 
110% agree with sir.  If you will allow me please...

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cpvick@globalsecurity.org writes:

> Unless Bush commits funding to restoring a modernized Saturn-V to
> production and the rebuilding of its support infrastructure the lunar
> base goal is all a lie.

Although I have yet to make the pilgramage to Tyrutam (JO, N-1 Ed, Ed 
O'Grady, Chris Gainor and others), the information gifted to me (along with other raw 
footage in my library that arrived my mail slot in a brown paper bag back in 
the Soviet old days)
leave me 100% convinced that with some modification (and a thick skin to put 
up with a whole lot of procrastination from idiots) the E-Tank, SRB 
combination is capable of lofting 125 tons into LEO without any problem as the Bypah 
test flights showed us.

So although I do have a Saturn V (the 4 foot model) standing proudly in my 
living room trophy rack, I do not feel that retooling the pads and VAB is 
necessary if the single use external pod (Shuttle "C"argo) system like that designed 
for Bypah is adopted.  The S-IVb with CSM and LM was a 95 ton loft, so with 
an external pod instead of the winged brick, NASA would have a 120 lifter 
(allowing 5 ton's of shroud to be jettisoned at the 3 minute mark that could put 
some very large elements into orbit.  If we get our North American heads out of 
the sand for long enough to buy a license for the Kurs docking system, then we 
could be connecting parts and building big in about two years.  And it could 
also carry a new capsule on top, as the combinations is already man rated.

>  Folks I afraid that until we get some real leadership with vision
>  the US manned program is in the throws of its own death blow.

On this we are in 110% agreement sir.  When the boss can not give orders that 
will be obeyed or enforced, all you have is the tail wagging the dog.  If the 
current administrator has the brass to pick up where Dan Goldin left off in 
trying to eliminate the deadwood and petrified branchs of too much admin and 
not enough engineers, then their may be hope.

Food for thought, thank you for your time.

Cheers! Hugh S. Gregory
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