[FPSPACE] possible speech by Bush

Keith Gottschalk kgottschalk@uwc.ac.za
Sat, 10 Jan 2004 12:56:20 +0200

          Bush Senior 14 years ago gave his inspiring "back to the Moon,
this time to stay" speech. But then no funds were voted. So FPSPACE
seems to have consensus that what matters is less the forthcoming  Bush
Jnr speech, but what resources follow it. What effort will the White
House put into negotiating with the House & Senate to raise NASA /
Boeing / LockMart's budget? How tenacious will the Administration be,
after getting this or that budget vote setback, to keep on lobbying for
the rest of the next four year term?

          While we wait for next week, this draft unexpectedly came to
light. No doubt another trial balloon.

          "My fellow Halliburtonians,

          Today America opens the next chapter in our exploration of
new worlds. We cannot wait, we dare not wait, until a peer competitor
sets up a Moon south pole base. I am proposing that we establish Moon
north & south pole bases, to extend the research long accomplished by
our Earth south pole base. Construction will be begin immediately after
our brave coalition forces have secured the lunar terrain from a lunatic

          "As your President, it is my duty to note with concern that
eco-militants have compromised the energy security of our great Union,
blocking drilling in the Alaskan interior. After our geologists have
studied Martian fossil nano-bacteria, I am now issuing National Security
Directive no. 777 to drill ten exploratory oil wells around the Mars
northern icecap, and another ten on the south. There are no caribou
migration routes to be disturbed, no penguins to suffer from oil spills.
 Under this Administration, there will be no gossip about favors or
favoritism. All contracts are open to competitive bidding from aerospace
companies in Britain, Poland and Rwanda......"

[rousing chorus of Elaine Walker & band Zia singing "To Mars! To Mars!
It's off to Mars we go!" with guest vocalist Zubrin]