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Good Morning
I hope all of the group have spent a Good New Year evening marking the
advent of a New Year. Every success and good health for 2004.

Dave has asked me to follow up on how you might submit an article to the
British Interplanetary Society.Please do remember we do not pay for
articles.We have currently 3 publications with a 4th one planned.Each has an
editor so a proposal sent to the BIS will be sent to them and they will
reply to you.
The publications are:
Spaceflight which is a more popular and news in style which appears every
month and has 48 pages to fill.

The Journal which is out technical publication which appears 6 times a
year.It is part of the system of citation index so counts towards the points
for academics.All articles are subject to peer review.

The Space Chronicle appears twice a year and the next issue will be
dedicated to Soviet / Russian subjects.

We also hope to publish Voyager later this year which will be an education
magazine.The first will be published we hope in June.We plan 3 issues a year
aimed at Teachers.Dave Shayler who is a member of the group is acting as

If you have a idea please send it to the BIS with a title , brief synopsis
or abstract , projected size of the article and the number of Illustrations
you might want to use.We will then follow that up with an authors form
etc.We do peer review many of the articles submitted and you are responsible
for clearing any copyright on pictures.

You can also support our work by joining the Society and you can do that via
our website.

Thank you Dave for the opportunity to push the Society.Many people on this
group are already regular and valued members.
Best wishes.
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You might expand on this as a way to encourage more submittals to the
BIS publications.  This forum has a lot of people that I am sure could
make some significant contributions.


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There will be in 2004 a Space Chronicle issue dedicated to Russian
space articles.