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I believe that the 'data' that the SS-18 is an upgrade of the SS-9 is rather
(possibly deliberate) misinformation. The only real commonality between the
missile systems is that they are roughly the same size, and thus fit in the
same silos.

Among the differing systems:

a) completely different post-boost stages
b) different engines with different thrust and ISP levels
c) propellants (nitric acid vs N2O4 oxidizer)
d) guidance systems (the SS-18 has a 3 stage avionics package, the SS-9 can
launch in 2 stage configuration)

These missiles were constructed on entirely different assembly lines.

I believe that the difference between the missiles is similar to the Titan
I - Titan II history.


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> > The SS-9 and SS-18 missiles are completely different systems, despite
> R-36 designation.
> The SS-9 (R-36) and SS-18 (R-36M) are in the same line of development at
> Yangel/Utkin design bureau that started with the SS-7 (R-16).  They use
> similar technologies and it's reasonable to regard each as a bigger/better
> successor of the previous one.  In particular,
> http://www.fas.org/nuke/guide/russia/icbm/r-36m.htm notes, "The R-36M
> (15A14) was a two-stage missile capable of carrying several different
> warheads. The basic design is similar to the R-36 missile modified to
> include advanced technologies and more powerful engines."
> >From http://www.fas.org/nuke/guide/russia/icbm/ (Other sources give
> different numbers, various type modifications change weight and length a
> bit.) See also  http://www.russianspaceweb.com/r16.html ,
> http://www.russianspaceweb.com/r36.html .
>             Payload weight   Launch weight        Length       Diameter
> SS-7              -                    141t                  32m
> 3.0m
> SS-9            5.8                   183t                 32.2m
> 3.0m
> SS-18          7.2                   210t                 33.6m
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