[FPSPACE] article on Brazil's space program..

Allen Thomson thomsona@flash.net
Thu, 26 Jun 2003 19:34:42 -0500

> Sorry to say, but it is not happening. Dnepr is actually R-36M UTTKh
missile, designed for launch from silos, and it is totally different from
Tsyklon-4. All R-36Ms are stored in Russia, not Ukraine.

But aren't the Tsiklons derived from the SS-9 (also silo-launched), and the
Dnepr from the SS-18? And aren't those both related products of the
Yangel/Utkin KB and the Yuzhmash factory (imeni Brezhneva, at one point)?

Is Yuzhmash still producing Tsiklons but not Dneprs?