[FPSPACE] article on Brazil's space program..

Simon Mansfield simon@spacedaily.com
Fri, 27 Jun 2003 09:52:41 +1000

Isn't Brazil's space industry/program based around the big power goals of 
missiles and spysats.

The large inaccessible landmass of Brazil of course dovetails nicely with 
satellite applications for communications and earth observation, but these 
all have dual purpose military applications.

And as a great power within the South American context being a "space 
player" has plenty of national prestige associated with it as well.

Wait until China launches a man - all of these second tier big powers are 
going to dusty off plenty of old project studies.

And let's never forget that under the new world order being a player in 
ballistic missiles with a hint of nuclear capability means you get taken 
seriously on the world stage.


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>From: Allen Thomson <thomsona@flash.net>
> >The problem is the market, which doesn't seem to be there.
> >A plausible business plan for such launches would be >interesting to see.
>When was a plausible business plan a requirement for issuing a space press 
>There are some outright factual mistakes in the article, such as the claim 
>that the US has 80% of the commercial market.
>But you're right, they face the daunting problem that there is no market 
>at the moment.  A colleague who produces the market projections for the 
>FAA (which is the US govt. agency that issues these figures) said that in 
>his most recent projection, which I believe is quarterly, he had a total 
>of two projected launches.  Their format requires them to produce pie 
>charts for these projections, so he produced a pie chart that was neatly 
>split in half.
>There are indications that the satellite launch market is recovering, but 
>right now it is nearly bottomed out.
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