[FPSPACE] Soyuz TMA launch shroud jettison

Antonín Vítek Antonín Vítek
Tue, 24 Jun 2003 07:01:33 +0200

Most realiable and accurate account of (planned) events during launches are
given at

(this URL cannot be used directly, it is necessary to use access to the Home
page at http://www.tsenki.com, then select language - either Russian or
English - then select "Space Launches" from the menu at upper part of
window, then select aproppriate launch) :
26.04.2003 7:53:51 - Launching Souyz No. 212 spaceship

Launch vehicle: Soyuz-FG, launch site: Baikonur, launch complex: LC 17P32
for LV R-7 type, Area 1, Launch Pad 5

Reserve launch date and time:

Launched spacecrafts:

Name Index Orbit type Apogee, km Perigee, km Orbit inclination Grad orbital
period, min Mass, kg
Soyuz-TMA  LEOel 242 200 51,67 88,64 7270


Flight sequence:

 Event Actual time Theoretical time
1 Lift-off  0
2   113,38
3 Stage 1 separation  117,8
4 Payload fairing jettison  157,48
5 Stage 2 separation  287,3
6 Tail-end jettisoning  297,05
7 Stage 3 main engine shutdown  524,96
8 Spacecraft separation  528,26

Separated parts and Territory for rocket falling parts:

Separated parts Territory for rocket falling parts
          No 16
1-st stage No 67
Payload fairing No 69 Karaganda region, Republic of Kazakhstan
2-nd stage No 306 Altai region, Republic of Altai (Russian Federation),
East-Kazakhstan region, Republic of Kazakhstan
Tail-end No 309 Altai region, Republic of Altai (Russian Federation),
East-Kazakhstan region, Republic of Kazakhstan

NB (by Vitek). Time are given in seconds.

TsENKI stands for  "Tsenter Ekspluatatsii Nazemnoi Kosmicheskoi
Infrastruktury" = "Center for Exploitation of Ground-Based Infrastructure"
It is an organization of Rosaviakosmos in the charge of cosmodromes and
other groun-based facilities.
Similar inos age givan also on the pages of Rosaviakosmos itself, at

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> Friends,
> Just over a year ago, there was some discussion here about the timing of
> jettisoning of the Soyuz launch shroud, or fairing.  In Ed Lu's first
> journal entry from aboard ISS, he described most of the pre- and
> activities (except the tire wetting tradition), including the timing of
> fairing jettison: http://www.edlu.com/soyuz2.doc.
> John Charles
> Houston, Texas