[FPSPACE] The phony space race

Jeff Foust jfoust@alum.mit.edu
Tue, 10 Jun 2003 17:30:50 -0400

>>Useful op-ed from Jeff Foust, rubbishing the claims of (or in favour for) a
>>"space race" with China.
> This is actually a pretty good discussion, although the real meat is in the 
> second part of the article.
> I think that what is required, however, is more discussion of how the first 
> space race was totally unique, a product of a specific set of circumstances.

I considered going into more detail about this, but I really wanted to 
concentrate on deconstructing some of the claims that China was planning 
imminent manned lunar missions.  I could have made the article longer, 
but I didn't want to test the readers' patience!  The topic is worthy of 
a standalone essay, in any case.

(At least one person disagrees with the essay's claims in detail:

Jeff Foust