[FPSPACE] China and APAS

Phillip Clark molniya@dircon.co.uk
Tue, 3 Jun 2003 08:39:32 +0100

It is known that in the mid-1990s the Chinese purchased a single APAS
docking unit from the Russians, so is it any real surprise that it should
feature in their spacecraft and module designs ?

I am sure that the Chinese have realised that - unless the US abandons ISS -
they will have no role in the ISS programme for many years to come and
therefore they are designing their various Project 921 components without
any real thought to compatibility with ISS - in the short term, at least.

Of course, should it be decided that the shuttle will remain grounded, it is
possible I suppose that the Chinese could be persuaded to use Shen Zhou to
help Soyuz-TMA ferry Americans to and from ISS. :-)

Phillip Clark

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