[FPSPACE] Soyuz 18-1 abort

Phillip Clark molniya@dircon.co.uk
Mon, 2 Jun 2003 16:56:18 +0100

There have been recent descriptions of the Soyuz 18-1 abort following the
death of Oleg Makarov, but they seem to be wrong in one detail: the actual
abort itself.

The failure of the "April 5 anomaly" in 1975 came _after_ the payload shroud
and tower had been separated.   I had always understood that the Soyuz
instrument module propulsion system was used to separate the spacecraft from
the out-of-control core and Blok I.   Whether it was simply used to separate
or for any attitude-control attempt I do not know.

But certainly, the escape tower played no part in this abort !   Th only
time that the escape tower has been used on a piloted mission is the Soyuz-T
10-1 off-the-pad abort in September 1983.

Phillip Clark

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