[FPSPACE] Russian launch site plans

Ian Bryce IBryce@apscglobal.com
Wed, 30 Jan 2002 13:23:47 +1100

To clarify previous comments, APSC's rocket is the Aurora, made by TsSKB
(Samara) and Energia (Moscow). For Christmas Island.

No connection to the Woomera site, which is under planning by Kistler
and Spacelift, which are LEO designs.

The Angara is a separate project in planning and development by
Khrunichev. At max config, has 4 large strap on liquid boosters.  It
could thus achieve GTO from Plesetsk (hence the possibility of lunar
flyby to remove the inclination). 

A potential backer-operator-customer is the Russian military space
forces, who "own" Plesetsk but not Baikonur. Hence the willingness to
add size to overcome the poor geographical location.

Our Aurora LV may be seen at   www.apsc2orbit.com
The new enlarged core stage has an NK-33, which N1-Ed would know all
The side boosters are basically the same as Soyuz.
The stage 3 is much fatter than the Soyuz Block E.
The upper stage is the new Corvet, which is basically a reduced block

As I said, Christmas Island (Australia) will be the ideal location - at
11 degrees, GEO capability (4.5 t initially) and inclined capability (11
t), and a tropical paradise to boot!
All lox-kero, and clear ocean flight paths, so environmentally and
socially responsible (ie furure-proof).

With it, we aim to slay the dinosaurs! ;-)

Ian Bryce

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> From: drwoods1@earthlink.net 
> Ian has it right.  Take a look at the August 2001 issue of Novosti
> Kosmonavitki for an article on the Aurora: an evolution of the
> original Soyuz vehicle.  The article features a cutaway line drawing
> of it plus a photo of a Soyuz and Aurora model against a backdrop
> map of Christmas Island.  The engine for the core stage features a
> single chamber (instead of four like Soyuz) plus verniers.  The
> stage itself is fixed diameter from the strapon attachment point on
> up.  Those are the biggest changes.  Perhaps Ian could fill the folks
> in on the details and how the project is progressing.