[FPSPACE] Apollo 1 Fire Anniversary

Robert Reeves reeves10@swbell.net
Mon, 28 Jan 2002 20:09:04 -0600

> > because the Nixon administration threw the Apollo program down the
> > thus making Grissom, Chaffee, and White's sacrifice all in vain.
> Right, I remember all those calls from Ted Kennedy, George McGovern,
> Proxmire, and other Democratic Party leaders to expand and continue our
> Apollo program. I remember the clarion calls from the Democratic-leaning
> major newspapers like the NY Times and the Washington Post to expand
> budget.  Those wicked Republicans really betrayed the nation's future,
> didn't they, Robert?
Well... I took off my historian hat a number of years ago and put my
astronomer hat back on.  My cup of tea was planetary exploration so I can
not get specific about who the Apollo political friendlies or
not-so-friendlies were back then.  But in my perspective, the buck stops
with the administration that actually killed the moon program.  The lunar
exploration program went away when Tricky D was at the helm, so, right or
wrong, his administration gets the flack from me.

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