[FPSPACE] Apollo 1 anniversary

Keith Gottschalk kgottschalk@uwc.ac.za
28 Jan 2002 18:45:00 +0200

   The bias in the not only UK press but western press generally is both political/historical, but also language.

   ALL events from spaceflight to politics to crime, that occur in countries where English is at least one of the official languages, tend to get covered far more than identical events in non-English-speaking countries. From such marginalized countries, only gruesome or comic events usually make it to our daily infotainment rags!

   Anyway, one minute of silence from all of us at FPSPACE to commemorate all the brave spaceflight pioneers, regardless of nationality, politics, or religion,  who gave their lives so that future generations will achieve safe, relatively cheap spaceflight travelling in assembly-line manufactured RLVs..

Chaffee, Dobrovolsky, Grisson, Komarov, Piatsev,  White, the shuttle 7 heroes, & those whose names I have forgotten..