[FPSPACE] Question about new Russian ISS configuration

David Anderman davida@cwo.com
Sun, 27 Jan 2002 09:20:49 -0800

Under the compromise issued by Rosaviakosmos, the Enterprise module will be 
located at the nadir port of the FGB, and the Khrunichev FGB-2 will replace 
the UDM at the nadir port of the Service Module. The Science Power Platform 
(NEP) will be largely eliminated, instead a truss will be erected on the 
Docking Compartment One, which will be re-located from its current position 
at the SM nadir port, and moved to the currently unoccupied zenith port.

My question is: how will the Docking Compartment actually be re-located. An 
EVA would be very risky, and it doesn't seem realistic that even 2 
cosmonauts could push the DC-1 down into the docking cone with enough force 
to engage the latches. A soft capture without hard capture would have 
serious results for the station as a whole.

I'm not sure that the SSRMS could likewise successfully mate the DC-1 with 
a docking port.