[FPSPACE] EELV Contractors Seek Aid from DoD Wall St Journal

Tomas Svitek tomas@svitek.com
Sat, 26 Jan 2002 11:16:58 -0800

At 06:45 PM 1/26/2002 +0000, Paul Henney wrote:
> > This is lovely.  At the same time the administration is holding up the
> > Lockheed has sucked the life out of the US RLV effort with their
> > Venturestar fiasco.  They should be punished, not rewarded.  Boeing
> > should compete, not beg for subsidies.
>Hear Hear, well said Sir!
>Sheffield UK
>..tell the boys from the Pentagon that Arianspace can do the job MUCH
>cheaper than Lockweed and Boring

Not that I ever want to defend LockMart and Boeing, but I am pretty sure 
that your claim above is incorrect.  Arianespace can sell their launch 
vehicles much cheaper because they have ESA to pay for all the development, 
launch site improvements, etc.  Arianespace has to only charge for the 
recurring cost of the vehicle.

The issue with EELV is that they want USAF to pick up larger share of 
developments costs (currently US government pays for about 30% of the 
development cost).  That issue never arose with Arianespace because the 
government share of the development cost was always 100%.

Again, nothing wrong with Arianespace (they make nice rockets) and LockMart 
and Boeing should get none of our taxpayer money but I just want to correct 
your claim.

On recurring basis, all the ELV (Atlas, Delta and Ariane) are about the 
cost -- that's is way too expansive.....