[FPSPACE] EELV Contractors Seek Aid from DoD Wall St Journal

Paul Henney ph014a5309@blueyonder.co.uk
Sat, 26 Jan 2002 18:45:39 -0000

> This is lovely.  At the same time the administration is holding up the
> space station as an example of fiscal managerial incompetence (not
> without justification, I'll add) and threatening to withhold funding as
> a consequence, the poster boys for the military industrial complex think
> that the proper response to THEIR fiscal incompetence is... for the US
> taxpayers to reward them with MORE money.  Naturally, the bright lights
> in the Air Force, no doubt anxious to preserve their access to those
> lucrative post-retirement industry jobs, see this as a good idea.
> Ominously, the new NASA chief thinks NASA should cozy up to the
> Pentagon.
> Lockheed has sucked the life out of the US RLV effort with their
> Venturestar fiasco.  They should be punished, not rewarded.  Boeing
> should compete, not beg for subsidies.

Hear Hear, well said Sir!

Sheffield UK

..tell the boys from the Pentagon that Arianspace can do the job MUCH
cheaper than Lockweed and Boring