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More news from Jennifer Green plus her new e-mail address.
For any new-bees, Jennifer founded the FPSpace project a
number of years ago.  She is on a Peace Corps Project
assignment in Africa at the present time.  I am sure
she would enjoy hearing for any of you who would care to
write her at: jgreen@songhai.org.


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Hello Everyone!

Well I am now fully installed in my new job at Songhai in Porto Novo (an
NGO - my Peace Corps post...). Please use this email address from now
on. Please forward it to all interested parties. 

Now that I'm up and running I'll be able to stay in better contact with
everyone - I have email access at my desk. (I may be the only Benin
volunteer who does.) I really like it at Songhai (for more information
see www.songhai.org). It's sort of an agriculture testbed - it's a fully
functional farm that brings in students from around the country (and
beyond) to study new farming techniques and then they take the
information back to their villages. One of their big projects - and the
one I'll be working on the most - is figuring out how to use new
technologies to aid in sustainable agricultural development. They
operate a Telecentre (combination of Kinkos + a cyber cafe) onsite that
commercially provides office support services and web navigation.

For the first three months, I'll be splitting my time between working on
Telecentre projects and learning everything there is to know about every
department at Songhai. Yesterday, for example, I spent the morning
learning how to determine the sex of a Japanese quail and the afternoon
researching vendors for the new VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal)
system Songhai hopes to install within the next 6 months. Yes, my life
here is a bit...bizarre.

The house I'm staying in is also swank by Beninese standards. I have my
own little courtyard and there are fruit trees galore - I have bananas,
lemon/limes (look like limes on outside, yellow on inside), papayas,
mangoes, and avocados (although the tree may be too young to produce
fruit). I also have running water and electricity - and an inside tiled
bathroom with a flush toilet and a sink. I also have a refrigerator and
a small gas oven that seems to work. So when and if I have any time
available I should be able to cook.  I walk to work - it's only 10
minutes away - and there's even a small grocery store on my way that has
most of what I need. The only problem with the walk to work is crossing
the road in front of Songhai - you sort of have to run for your life
through a cloud of exhaust fumes.

Just so that you don't get the impression that everything is perfect,
for the past two weeks I have been struggling through a nasty bout of
bacterial dysentery. The illness wiped me out for the first week (I
almost thought I would have to take the Peace Corps swear-in oath from
the bathroom...) and then the double dose of Cipro antibiotic that they
gave me wiped me out for the second week. I basically couldn't eat for 2
weeks so it was fun. But I'm feeling much better now and hopefully the
dysentery won't come back when I finish the medication.

Well, I'll write more to each person separately in the next couple of
days. But for now I want to go get some lunch at the "cafeteria" next
door. I have an option of mashed yams (like our potatoes) with peanut
sauce and goat "meat" (mostly bones) or grilled porc pieces with fried
plaintains. I think I'll do porc today...

More later! A bientot!