[FPSPACE] Launius/McCurdy "Imagining Space" book event in DC Thursday

Jeff Foust jfoust@alum.mit.edu
Wed, 16 Jan 2002 18:45:40 -0500

This may be of interest to FPSPACEers in the Washington DC area: it has not
been well publicized, I think, since I talked to a few people who were
interested in going and they had not heard about it.


Roger Launius and Howard McCurdy Discuss and Sign Their Book, Imagining
Space, 1950-2050: Achievements, Predictions, Possibilities

Chief NASA historian Roger D. Launius and Howard E. McCurdy of American
University bring a fresh, interdisciplinary approach to looking at where
we've been and where we're going. In the provocative 1949 book The Conquest
of Space, Hollywood special effects artist Chesley Bonestell depicted how
the moon and planets might appear to the first explorers of these new
worlds. His renditions, and those of fiction writers, filmmakers,
scientists, and politicians, offered bold predictions of things to come
beyond Earth's orbit. Imagining Space juxtaposes these early visions with
our real achievements so far and dares to project what's next in our
exploration of deep space.

January 17, 2002 7:30 PM
Location: in store.

Washington D.C. (Chevy Chase)
5333 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Washington, DC

Jeff Foust