[FPSPACE] New web article about the Soyuz-11 disaster

Sven Grahn svengrahn@mail.wineasy.se
Mon, 14 Jan 2002 21:10:40 +0100

Dear Friends,

I have added a little piece to my web site called "The Soyuz-11 disaster". 
It is a modest revisit of this tragic episode in which I try to connect old 
and new facts and - as usual - the radio tracking aspect of the event. One 
fact that seems to come out of the little article is that there seems to be 
some confusion as to which kind of valve it was that killed the crew: was 
it a valve intended to open during descent or at landing? Some sources 
(www.astronautix.com) say that the valve was to open at 4 km while 
"Challenge to Apollo" indicates it would open on the ground. Given the fact 
that the pressure in the decsent vehicle was 1 atmosphere, it seems more 
logical to open a pressure equalisation valve on the ground than 4 km 
up.....? Food for discussion?

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