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I believe I stayed briefly at the Belgrad Dva in 1994- if that is the hotel
not too far from the old Arbat- the Arbat McDonald's -not too far from the
river and it did not seem that bad too me.
I guess everything is relative

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On Tue, 8 Jan 2002, james oberg wrote:
> A MONUMENTAL slab of Soviet history came to a much delayed and unlamented
> end yesterday when the Intourist Hotel, one of the most reviled buildings
> in Moscow that symbolised decades of sleaze, sloppiness and surly
> suspicion, closed its doors. 

My memories of the Intourist was that it was like heaven in Moscow !

When I was over there in March 1988 to help with a BBC TV programme I had
been added to the "team" at the very last minute.   While everone else was
at the Intourist, the only place they could get for me was the Belgrad
Dva, which I believe was intended for visiting East Europeans who wouldn't
know any better.   Belgrad Dva ran out of food for breakfast after three
days, the liquid that came out of the taps wasn't like anything that I'd
come across since I stopped doing chemistry at school and the bedside
table gave out a kind of loose-wire crackle if you moved it, although I
could never find any wires on it.

So first thing every morning I would get a cab over to the Intourist where
for a couple of roubles I could get a breakfast ticket for a buffet of
decent food and - like everyone else on the team - have enough to keep
going until the evening.

So, I am actually _sad_ that the Intourist is going.   Any chance that a
bomb has been dropped from a great height on the Belgrad Dva ?   I'd be
there cheering at that !

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