[FPSPACE] Missile defense explained

Fetter, Les S Les.Fetter@SW.Boeing.com
Thu, 3 Jan 2002 14:15:20 -0600

Now let me see if I can explain it better, for those who didn't take the
time to read the article:

1. It is a very expensive system with limited and unproven capability.

2. This money would be better spent on ways to deter methods actual
terrorists would use.

3. Most of the rest of the world is against this 'force projection',
prompting increased hostility against the U.S.  

It gets back to an analogy I've used before.  The school bully terrorizing
everyone on the playground until they get fed up with it and gang up on him.
Versus joining the civilized world and working with your allies to
accomplish your common goals.  The U.S. is supposed to be the most
democratic and civil country in the world.  Let's show it, rather than stoop
to the level of barbarians (albeit with high-tech clubs).

Les Fetter

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> Now, let me see if I can summarize the two main arguments against missile
> defense.
> 1. It'll never work,
> and
> 2. It might actually work.
> Hmmmm.......