[FPSPACE] New Progress to Mir About Oct 15

David Anderman davida@cwo.com
Sun, 24 Sep 2000 20:00:11 -0700

The next sentence in the story was omitted by Dwayne:

"MirCorp has decided to send up a Progress-M cargo spacecraft on October 15 
to deliver the fuel required by Mir to raise its orbit. "

which paints a somewhat less bleak picture of the status of Mir.


At 10:25 PM 9/24/00 -0400, Dwayne Allen Day wrote:

>On Sun, 24 Sep 2000, David Anderman wrote:
> > Despite Dwayne's insistence that the MirCorp business model is flawed,
>September 24, 2000
>Mir desperately needs funding to keep it aloft, safe
>Copyright  2000, Interfax News Agency
>MOSCOW (Interfax) - The orbit of the Russian space station Mir is dipping
>closer to Earth and will become unsafe by February of next year unless
>additional sources of funding are identified.
>MirCorp, the private company responsible for Mir's maintenance and
>operation, has only enough funding for this year, company president
>Jeffrey Manber told Interfax. Talks with various media outlets and
>investment firms have proved fruitless so far and the only reliable
>contact is with the NBC television network, which plans to send a man into
>space in 2002, Manber said.
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