[FPSPACE] New Progress to Mir About Oct 15

David Anderman davida@cwo.com
Sun, 24 Sep 2000 18:49:30 -0700

Well, at the beginning of the year Dwayne Day was telling us how Mir and 
MirCorp were doomed, and that Mir would fall out of the sky shortly. 
Recently, he has been telling us about the various problems with MirCorp, 
and hinting that Mir will fall out of the sky shortly (provoking 
speculation here that this would happen prior to the Tito flight). Now that 
yet another Progress is being launched to Mir with sufficient fuel to keep 
the station up for much of 2001, I would expect the next round of Mir 
bashing will be delayed for a while.

Despite Dwayne's insistence that the MirCorp business model is flawed, 
SpaceHab announced plans to invest $100 million in their own module at ISS, 
and DreamTime was angling to emulate "Destination: Mir". So, people with 
real money seem to agree with the MirCorp business model.


At 03:41 PM 9/23/00 -0400, JamesOberg@aol.com wrote:
>This will be the third time MirCorp has arranged for the private funding of
>a resupply mission to Mir - extending its life as a commercial orbital
>facility. The new Progress will bring fuel, air and power to Mir, allowing
>the large station to be fully controlled and operated in Earth orbit.